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Candid Photography by Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas
“Paparazzo of the Common Man”
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Navajo Nation
Window Rock, AZ, 12.26.2006 (20 photos)

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A visit to the capital of the Navajo Nation, with special interest in Family Court issues.

Photo #7161:
payback time for criminals —marylene (4/19)

Say no to P (Kiwi name for crystal meth) - it's rubbish! —inanga (9/17)

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Photo #7166:
On the left is the meeting hall for the Navajo Tribal Council. —Photog (12/27)

Good morning. I live in Lille, in the North of France. Since I've been reading a story written by Tony Hillerman: "Sacred Clowns", I took a look about the area he mentionned in his story. I wish you the very best. I've always been standing on the side of Native American Indians but I don't feel as being that powerfull woman to being able to help them a lot. What's the wether like today in AZ? —Eveline Terrier ( (7/5)

Window Rock is at top right - superb Roaming Photos —inanga (9/17)

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Photo #7168:
Apparently the tribe must have a really big skateboarding problem, although the area doesn't seem prime for it. Dude, you could do some tricks in that hole up there! —Photog (12/27)

No astral skateboarding allowed - Title 17, Tribal Code Subchapter 9, Section 360 and Civil Penalties under SMY-19-88 —inanga (9/15)

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Photo #7173:
Dreams flow out the door - catcher Man will catch 'em, as he did before —inanga (9/15)

gods window —navajolost (9/22)

godswindow —lorenawiestlostnavajo (9/22)

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Photo #7164:
They served as they lived.....with dignity and pride. —Anonymous (10/2)

Roaming Photos - you deserve your Native American name —inanga (9/15)

These were men that when off too war fighting for a country,, that wasn't always fair to them,, i 'salute you brave men'' rest easy bro's.... —arthur p. corley (12/30)

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Photo #7165:
Warriors, yet, into the twentieth century! The very core of Honor and Bravery! —Carlos (1/20)

I agree with Carlos - what brave men! —inanga (9/15)

They help win war II,,, outstanding 'code talker'........... —arthur p. corley (12/30)

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Photo #7174:
Look after our kids —inanga (9/17)
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Photo #7181:
Not how to take a dump in the desert —inanga (9/17)
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Photo #7187:
Rainbow Nation —inanga (9/15)
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Photo #7191:
Thank you Roaming Photos —inanga (9/15)

This my freind's finally resting place, severed with him in the nam{Michale Bia} k.i.a. 06/06/68 rest easy "bro"..... —arthur p. corley (12/17)

I 'salute' these brave Troopers.... R.I.P. —ARTHUR P. CORLEY (5/24)

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Photo #7195:
Earl Yellowhair, Private First Class, US Army, World War I I - true hero. Thank you. —inanga (9/17)

"Rest easy bros" —arthur p. corley (12/17)

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Photo #7204:
look in the background, thats my home —Missing home (12/17)

it's a beautiful place and so close to Catcher Man - inanga —inanga (9/17)

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Photo #7206:
I'd fix this if I weren't so far away... so sad to see... —Carlos (1/20)

Leonard Phillips deserves better than this. —inanga (9/17)

Picturing Leonard and seeing this stabs my heart... will always treasure you in my heart <3 —Me (5/20)

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Photo #7210:
Roaming Photos - you are truly the papparazzo of the common man. —inanga (9/17)

These are the real hero's of this country, they deserved nothing less....... —arthur p. corley (12/17)

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Photo #7213:
If it weren't for the red Rock this could be anywhere in Aotearoa (NZ) - we seem to hang on to our auto wrecks here also. —inanga (9/17)
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Photo #7217:
A roadside memorial, apparently to someone who died near this spot. —Photog (12/27)

Again, we have these all over NZ - what a beautiful place to be At-one with God —inanga (9/17)

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Photo #7218:
Approaching Window Rock from the west. —Photog (12/27)

i can see McDonalds and i'm hungry —inanga (9/17)

beautiful ! hope to see it someday —ivan - brazil and marietta - ga (11/10)

I came down this highway,, from phoenix, by way of New Jersey, too visit the family of a war buddy from vietnam....... —arthur p. corley (12/17)

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Photo #7219:

Outdoor Facebook —inanga (9/17)

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Photo #7227:
At the boundary between Navajo land and Hopi land in northeastern Arizona. —Photog. (12/27)

The Hopi are still here - a long time after emergence from the 3rd World —inanga (9/17)

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Photo #7232:
I use to live in window rock, I liked all your pictures... —Anonymous (6/16)

That ever needed coffee break —inanga (9/17)

it was breath taking,loved it —m.rivera (5/31)

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