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Madrid, Spain12/31/2009 Madrid before New Years
Earth12/27/2009 Lunch
SD ND12/25/2009 Somewhere in the Dakotas
PA12/19/2009 Snowstorm in the Northeast
UT12/12/2009 Somewhere in Utah
WY12/11/2009 Somewhere in Wyoming
PA12/8/2009 Somewhere in Pennsylvania
St. Peters, MO12/8/2009 Shopping Mall Mystery Cocoons
Bushmills, Ulster12/2/2009 Giant's Causeway
Ballymena, Ulster12/2/2009 Ballymena, Northern Ireland
Belfast, Ulster12/1/2009 Belfast and Londonderry at Night
Belfast, Ulster12/1/2009 Bus to Belfast
Belfast, Ulster12/1/2009 Belfast City Centre
Bedford, MA11/29/2009 Whole Foods Markets
Lexington, MA11/29/2009 Glenn's Ancestors and Relatives
TN11/26/2009 Somewhere in Tennessee
Little Rock, AR11/25/2009 Clinton Presidential Library
AR11/25/2009 Somewhere in Arkansas
San Diego, CA11/16/2009 Student Protest at San Diego State University
Roswell, NM10/31/2009 Roswell Wal-Mart
NM10/31/2009 Somewhere in New Mexico
Amarillo, TX10/30/2009 Jesus Christ is Lord Travel Center
Tel Aviv, Israel10/23/2009 Modern Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel10/23/2009 Old Jaffa
Jerusalem, Israel10/22/2009 Jerusalem's Western Wall
Jerusalem, Israel10/22/2009 Israeli Army Graduation Ceremony
Jerusalem, Israel10/22/2009 Old Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel10/21/2009 Modern Jerusalem
Lincoln County, NV10/16/2009 Brazilians Invade Area 51!
Las Vegas, NV10/11/2009 Meal, Ready to Eat
LA10/5/2009 Louisiana
TX10/4/2009 Somewhere in Texas
Earth10/4/2009 Glenn's Campsites and Hostels
Earth10/3/2009 Glenn's Kilroy Cafe Philosophy Newsletters
Lincoln County, NV10/3/2009 Area 51 Satellite Images
Tombstone, AZ10/1/2009 Tombstone, Arizona
Milford, NE9/25/2009 Nebraska Ghost Church
South Bend, IN9/23/2009 University of Notre Dame
Corning, NY9/22/2009 Corning Museum of Glass
Ithaca, NY9/21/2009 Cornell University
Goleta, CA9/18/2009 University of California, Santa Barbara
Bar Harbor, ME9/6/2009 Bar Harbor, Maine
New York, NY9/1/2009 A Twisted Ladder' Book Release Party
Ann Arbor, MI8/29/2009 Natural History Museum, University of Michigan
Sault Ste. Marie, MI8/28/2009 Sault Ste. Marie
Mackinaw City, MI8/28/2009 Mackinaw City
Duluth, MN8/27/2009 Duluth
Snoqualmie, WA8/22/2009 Twin Peaks
TX CA AZ NM8/6/2009 Freedom Tour 2009
Emerald City, KS8/4/2009 The Wizard of Oz: Movie Stills
Earth7/30/2009 Random People
Earth7/30/2009 Random Architecture
Fairbanks, AK7/23/2009 Fairbanks and Anchorage
Koidern, YT
Also: Canada
7/22/2009 Bear Flats: An Abandoned Roadhouse in the Yukon
Whitehorse, YT
Also: Canada
7/21/2009 Whitehorse, Yukon
Beaverlodge, AB
Also: Canada
7/20/2009 Beaverlodge & Pioneer Festival
Dawson Creek, BC
Also: Canada
7/20/2009 Alaska Highway
Calgary, AB
Also: Canada
7/18/2009 Calgary and Edmonton
Yellowstone, WY7/16/2009 Yellowstone National Park
Jackson, WY7/16/2009 Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Bitter Creek, WY7/14/2009 Prairie Dog Attack!
Houston, TX7/11/2009 Houston
Santee, SC7/5/2009 Interstate 95
Dillon, SC7/4/2009 South of the Border & Ghost Motel
Pembroke, SC7/4/2009 Lumbee Homecoming
Sintra, Portugal7/2/2009 Sintra, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal6/30/2009 Lisbon, Portugal
Green River, UT NV6/26/2009 MysteryQuest TV Shoot at Tikaboo Peak and Green River
Athens, Greece6/21/2009 Tourist Sites in Athens
Athens, Greece6/21/2009 The Beatles in Athens
Athens, Greece6/20/2009 Athens Waterfront
Aegina, Greece6/20/2009 Aegina Island, Greece
Athens, Greece6/18/2009 Urban Athens
Athens, Greece6/18/2009 The Acropolis, Athens
Marthas Vineyard, MA6/16/2009 Martha's Vineyard
St. Augustine, FL6/13/2009 Adam and Eve Romance Superstore
Earth6/11/2009 Commercial America
Oracle, AZ6/7/2009 Biosphere 2
Keystone, SD6/4/2009 Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills
Devils Tower, WY6/4/2009 Devils Tower National Monument
Reno, NV5/23/2009 Tribute Concert in Reno
Reno, NV5/23/2009 Reno Night Club
Reno, NV5/23/2009 Kimberley Edwards as Britney Spears in Reno
Reno, NV5/23/2009 Downtown Reno
Frankfurt, Germany5/13/2009 Frankfurt, Germany
Sarnia, ON
Also: Canada
5/2/2009 Canada Border Towns: Port Huron, Sarnia, Windsor
Area 51, NV4/26/2009 Tikaboo Peak with James and Mo
San Diego, CA4/12/2009 Camp Site Beta
Biloxi, MS4/4/2009 Somewhere in Mississippi
San Antonio, TX4/1/2009 San Antonio and the Alamo
El Paso, TX
Also: Mexico
3/30/2009 El Paso & West Texas
Arcadia, CA3/28/2009 Garage Sale Fraud!
San Jose, CA3/27/2009 California Road and Rail Trip
Queens, NY3/19/2009 Queens and Flushing Meadow
Paris, France3/16/2009 Pickpocket on the Paris Metro
Paris, France3/16/2009 La Defense Office Complex, Paris
Paris, France3/16/2009 Eiffel Tower
Paris, France3/15/2009 Wandering Through Paris
Paris, France3/15/2009 Montmartre, Paris
Paris, France3/15/2009 Gare du Nord, Paris
Paris, France3/15/2009 Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris
Jupiter, FL3/11/2009 Somewhere in Florida
San Diego, CA3/6/2009 San Diego Bus Ride
AZ2/24/2009 Somewhere in Arizona
Gatlinburg, TN2/15/2009 Gatlinburg
San Diego, CA1/31/2009 San Diego
Earth1/30/2009 Homeless Folks
Washington, DC1/20/2009 Obama Inauguration 2009
Washington, DC1/20/2009 Obama Inauguration 2009
West Maui, HI1/8/2009 West Maui
Earth1/1/2009 Airplanes and Airports
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