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“Paparazzo of the Common Man”
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CO12/31/2008 Somewhere in Colorado
East Chicago, IN12/28/2008 East Chicago Industry
Chicago, IL12/28/2008 Millenium Park, Chicago
Niagara Falls, NY
Also: ON
12/26/2008 Niagara Falls
Apex, NV12/11/2008 Swedish Couch Interview
Key West, FL12/6/2008 Key West Pirate Festival
Key West, FL12/6/2008 Key West, Florida
Savannah, GA12/2/2008 Savannah, Georgia
St. Augustine, FL11/20/2008 St. Augustine
Madrid, Spain11/12/2008 Madrid from the Air
New York, NY11/1/2008 Times Square
New York, NY10/31/2008 Halloween in New York
Queens, NY10/31/2008 Cat Hunt in New York
Area 51, NV10/7/2008 UFO Hunters at Area 51
New York, NY9/29/2008 Protest on Wall Street
Westchester County, NY9/29/2008 Metro North Train To New York City
New York, NY9/29/2008 New York City Miscellaneous
New York, NY9/29/2008 New York Financial District
Tarrytown, NY9/27/2008 Touring the Hudson with the Minister
New Orleans, LA8/28/2008 New Orleans French Quarter
Kentwood, LA8/28/2008 Kentwood, Louisiana, Home of Britney Spears
Pigeon Forge, TN8/27/2008 Pigeon Forge
Las Vegas, NV6/15/2008 Luxor Hotel and the South Strip
Bedford, MA6/3/2008 Bedford Prom Walk
Lowell, MA5/15/2008 Lowell, Massachusetts
Earth5/13/2008 Stuff
St. Thomas, VI5/13/2008 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
St. Thomas, VI5/13/2008 Iguanas Like Fritos
St. John, VI5/12/2008 St. John, Virgin Islands
St. John, VI5/12/2008 Cruz Bay, Virgin Islands
Yuma, AZ4/26/2008 Yuma County Fair
San Francisco, CA4/21/2008 San Francisco
San Francisco, CA4/21/2008 San Francisco Marina District
San Francisco, CA4/21/2008 Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, CA4/21/2008 Golden Gate Bridge
Family Court, NV4/10/2008 Light of Hope Ceremony at Family Court
Cambridge, MA4/8/2008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Boston, MA4/8/2008 Downtown Boston
Boston, MA3/28/2008 Boston
Cambridge, MA3/27/2008 A Day at the Museum
Cambridge, MA3/27/2008 Harvard University
Concord, MA3/26/2008 Walden Pond and Concord
Las Vegas, NV3/23/2008 Somewhere in Las Vegas
Wailua, HI3/5/2008 Kauai on the Cheap
Charlotte Amalie, VI1/23/2008 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Cruz Bay, VI1/23/2008 St. John, Virgin Islands
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