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“Paparazzo of the Common Man”
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070805 santamonica#!
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Honolulu, HI3/23/2010 Waikiki Beach
Las Vegas, NV3/2/2010 Las Vegas Strip
Coney Island, NY2/8/2010 Coney Island
Dillon, SC7/4/2009 South of the Border & Ghost Motel
Gatlinburg, TN2/15/2009 Gatlinburg
Niagara Falls, NY
Also: ON
12/26/2008 Niagara Falls
Key West, FL12/6/2008 Key West, Florida
New York, NY11/1/2008 Times Square
Pigeon Forge, TN8/27/2008 Pigeon Forge
Las Vegas, NV6/15/2008 Luxor Hotel and the South Strip
San Francisco, CA4/21/2008 Golden Gate Bridge
Las Vegas, NV12/31/2007 New Years Eve on the Las Vegas Strip
Santa Monica, CA8/5/2007 Santa Monica Pier
Las Vegas, NV2/17/2007 Las Vegas Strip on NBA weekend
Las Vegas, NV1/4/2007 Random Casino Ramble
Las Vegas, NV12/31/2006 People Watching at Tropicana and the Strip
Las Vegas, NV12/31/2006 Tropicana Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV12/31/2006 New Years Eve on the Strip
Las Vegas, NV12/29/2006 Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas, NV10/3/2006 Girls of Glitter Gulch
Las Vegas, NV10/3/2006 Fremont Street Light Show
Las Vegas, NV10/3/2006 Fremont Street Visitors
Las Vegas, NV6/10/2006 Red Rock Casino
Las Vegas, NV  Planet Hollywood Hotel
Myrtle Beach, SC  Myrtle Beach
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