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Bushmills, Ulster12/2/2009 Giant's Causeway
Ballymena, Ulster12/2/2009 Ballymena, Northern Ireland
Belfast, Ulster12/1/2009 Belfast and Londonderry at Night
Belfast, Ulster12/1/2009 Bus to Belfast
Belfast, Ulster12/1/2009 Belfast City Centre
Tel Aviv, Israel10/23/2009 Modern Tel Aviv
Jerusalem, Israel10/22/2009 Jerusalem's Western Wall
Jerusalem, Israel10/22/2009 Israeli Army Graduation Ceremony
Jerusalem, Israel10/21/2009 Modern Jerusalem
Sintra, Portugal7/2/2009 Sintra, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal6/30/2009 Lisbon, Portugal
Athens, Greece6/21/2009 Tourist Sites in Athens
Athens, Greece6/21/2009 The Beatles in Athens
Athens, Greece6/20/2009 Athens Waterfront
Aegina, Greece6/20/2009 Aegina Island, Greece
Athens, Greece6/18/2009 Urban Athens
Athens, Greece6/18/2009 The Acropolis, Athens
Frankfurt, Germany5/13/2009 Frankfurt, Germany
Paris, France3/16/2009 Pickpocket on the Paris Metro
Paris, France3/16/2009 La Defense Office Complex, Paris
Paris, France3/16/2009 Eiffel Tower
Paris, France3/15/2009 Wandering Through Paris
Paris, France3/15/2009 Montmartre, Paris
Paris, France3/15/2009 Gare du Nord, Paris
Paris, France3/15/2009 Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris
Madrid, Spain11/12/2008 Madrid from the Air
Rome, Italy12/3/2007 Mauled by Tiger at Roman Forum
Dublin, Ireland9/12/2007 Dublin, Ireland
Venice, Italy9/6/2007 Venice from the Air
Venice, Italy9/5/2007 Venice Shopping
Venice, Italy9/5/2007 Venice: Pigeons in St. Marks Square
Venice, Italy9/5/2007 Venice Landside
Venice, Italy9/5/2007 Venice Lido Beach
Venice, Italy9/5/2007 Venice by Boat
Venice, Italy9/5/2007 Venice on Foot
Alps Maritime, France5/13/2006 Foothills of the French Alps
Massoins, France5/12/2006 Massoins, France
Nice, France
Also: Monaco
5/11/2006 French Riviera
Marseille, France5/11/2006 Marseille, France
France5/10/2006 French Countryside
St. Nazaire, France5/9/2006 St. Nazaire, France
Mont St. Michel, France5/8/2006 Mont St. Michel
France5/8/2006 Modern France
Paris, France5/7/2006 Random Paris
Pornic, France5/6/2006 Pornic, France
Madrid, Spain  Student Protest in Madrid
Madrid, Spain  Madrid: In the Park
Madrid, Spain  Madrid at Night
Madrid, Spain  Urban Madrid
London, England  Rainy London
Lascellas, Spain  Lascellas, Spain
Huesca, Spain  Bus Ride to Huesca, Spain
Brighton, England  Brighton, England
Barcelona, Spain  Barcelona La Rambla District
Barcelona, Spain  Barcelona Old Quarter
Barcelona, Spain  Barcelona at Night
Barcelona, Spain  Modern Barcelona
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