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“Paparazzo of the Common Man”
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070225 ucla#!
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Tampa, FL2/11/2010 University of Tampa
Providence, RI2/1/2010 Brown University
South Bend, IN9/23/2009 University of Notre Dame
Ithaca, NY9/21/2009 Cornell University
Goleta, CA9/18/2009 University of California, Santa Barbara
Ann Arbor, MI8/29/2009 Natural History Museum, University of Michigan
St. Augustine, FL11/20/2008 St. Augustine
Cambridge, MA4/8/2008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA3/27/2008 Harvard University
Las Vegas, NV3/31/2007 FIRST Robotic Competition
Las Vegas, NV2/27/2007 Turtle Tug 2007
Los Angeles, CA2/25/2007 UCLA
Las Vegas, NV10/10/2006 Tai Chi at UNLV
Las Vegas, NV10/3/2006 UNLV Flag Football
Las Vegas, NV9/17/2006 A Dance Photo Shoot at UNLV
Las Vegas, NV9/10/2006 Boyd School of Law
Hollywood, CA5/22/2006 Glenn Campbell Photo Resume
Denver, CO4/17/2006 University of Denver and Sturm Law School
Ames, IA4/15/2006 Iowa State University
Las Vegas, NV  University of Nevada Student Protest
Daytona Beach, FL  Daytona Beach and St. Augustine
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